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Re: Sayings of the Wise #1

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Monday, April 18, 2005, 15:29
On Saturday 16 April 2005 06:54 CEST, Remi Villatel wrote:

 > caeruleancentaur wrote:
 > > Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead.
 > > Do not walk before me, for I may not follow.
 > > Do not walk beside me.
 > > Just leave me alone.

Meh. I must have deleted this translation exercise ... I'm
glad you've included the source sentences again, Remi.

Here's the translation in Ayeri.

Lampoiu epang ayea, yanoyam ang pitongoiayin numima.
Lampoiu marin ayea, yanoyam ang nasyongoiayin numima.
Lampoiu caivo ayea.
Nama hangu acebay ayaris.

Lamp-oi  -u   epang   ay  -ea,  yanoyam  ang
walk.NEG.IMP  back_of 1sg.LOC   because  TRG:A
/lAm"poju e"pAN AI)"ea "jano"jAm AN

pit -ong-oi  -ay -in  nu-mima.
lead.SBJ.NEG.1sg.TRG  A. possibly
pi"t_dONgwAI)"in nu"mima/

Lamp -oi -u   marin    ay  -ea,  yanoyam  ang
walk.NEG.IMP  front_of 1sg.LOC   because  TRG:A
/lAm"poju "ma4in AI)"ea "jano"jAm AN

nasy   -ong-oi -ay -in  nu-mima.
follow.SBJ.NEG.1sg.TRG  A. possibly
na"sjONgwAI)"in nu"mima/

Lamp -oi -u   caivo    ay  -ea.
walk.NEG.IMP  side_of  1sg.LOC
/lAm"poju "kAI)vo AI)"ea/

Nama  hang-u    a-cebay  ay  -aris.
Just  keep.IMP  P.alone  1sg.P
/"nama "hANgu A"kebAI) AI)"a4Is/

For the record:
+lampao: to walk; +pitao: to lead; cebay: alone

Edatamanon le matahanarà benenoea eibenem ena Bahis Pinena,
15-A8-58-2-3-2-22 ena Curan Tertanyan.