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Re: Eastern & germanic languages

From:Thomas Leigh <thomas@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 25, 2002, 13:30
I  have no idea about online resources, but I would highly recommend
Routledge's language surveys. They go by "branch", e.g. they have a
volume for the Germanic languages, the Slavic languages, the Celtic
languages, etc. The books consist of concise linguistic descriptions of
the major (and many minor) languages in each  group, and are a wonderful
and invaluable resource. The Germanic volume is excellent, and far as
Asian languages go, I've seen volumes for Turkic and Dravidian.
Routledge also published a series of reference grammars  (some very
comprehensive, some more elementary) for an ever-growing number of
individual languages, including Asian languages (I've seen volumes for
both Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as Thai and Japanese).

Good luck in your endeavors, and Merry Christmas.


A. Ingram wrote:

 > For my conlang, i'd like to incorporate some grammatical features of
 > Eastern languages. particularly Asian languages. I have researched
 > slavic languages, like russian. i find russian to be a lot like
 > greek. i already have a working knowledge of basic ancient greek and
 > latin, so i was wondering if anyone could suggest any books that
 > might help me expand my knowledge of different types of languages. i
 > would greatly appreciate any help. I have a little knowledge on
 > mandarin chinese, but it is only barely worthy of being called basic
 > knowledge. Please include some resources for germanic languages as well.
 > thank you very much.