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Matein Einlich - Phonetic Changes

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 9, 2005, 22:54
Here are the rules for the phonetic changes.
Of course there can be exceptions, as no natural lang follows always 100% of
the rules.

fricative shift
f -> s, s -> sh, sh -> ch, h -> ch

vl. stop -> vl. fricative/affricative
p -> f, k -> kh, t -> ts

voiced cons. -> voiceless cons.
b -> p, d -> t, g -> k, v -> f, z -> s, zh -> sh

Voiced consonants are now completely eliminated.

approximates shift
j -> mostly ch, sometimes i (e.g. you -> iu /i.u/)
w -> mostly f, sometimes u (esp. before i) e.g. with -> ujt

ng, nd -> n, th -> t, dzh -> sh, tsh -> sh

r only remains word-initial

vowel raising
/&/ -> e, /A//V/ -> o, /e//E/ -> i

lowering: o -> a

i -> /ai/, o:,/3/ -> /OI/
also used to avoid ambiguity, e.g. sun->shan, son->shaun
There's never more than one diphtong per non-composed word.

diphtong shift
/@U/ -> /aU/, /eI/ -> /aI/, /aU/ -> af, /OI/ -> ef

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