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Re: /y/?

Date:Monday, January 14, 2008, 0:35
> [] On Behalf Of Henrik
> Yesterday I was wondering what interesting stuff could happen
to an
> /y/ phoneme? Same question about the lax variant /Y/. > > The only (boring) thing I could come up with was /y/ > /i/
> as seen in so many languages (German dialects, Icelandic,
> Kreyol Ayisyen, to name only a few). > > This question came up when I thought about sound shifts where > labialisation spreads to vowels, e.g. when German 'schlimm' is > pronounced [SlYm] (instead of [SlIm]) or 'bischen' like
> (instead of [bIsC@n]). So with [I] > [Y], a shift to [I] is
> boring, so I was searching for something else for additional > spiciness.
Maybe it could shift back toward [}] or [1]. I originally intended Deini to have /y/ but later changed it to /1/. It gives the phonology more symmetry and also seems to be more unique than the West-Germanic phonology I started with.