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Re: YAEPT: Enuf is Enuf: Some Peepl Thru with Dificult Spelingz

From:Carsten Becker <carbeck@...>
Date:Friday, July 14, 2006, 13:13
From: "Tristan Alexander McLeay" <conlang@...>
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 4:18 PM

> You forgot ɨ (i\), ɯ (M), ø (2), œ (9) and æ (&)! Also, ı > is not > kosher IPA: lax i is ɪ; ɷ is an old-fashioned variant of > ʊ and so > isn't distinct from it in IPA; and ʚ is just a mistake for > ɞ.
My bad. But I would nevertheless use rather ı than ɪ for aesthetic reasons. In IPA of course, I *would* use ɪ!
> Personally, I vote we go for the ramshorns ɤ (7). My > favorite IPA > character. Don't care what vowel we use it for [no /7/ in > English :(], > but surely *something* deserves to be spelt with it!
Yeah, I also wanted to use them, but then I didn't find any place where this would fit. Also, there isn't a capital version of it as far as I know.
>> p - p i - i >> b - b i: - i >> t - t I - ı >> d - d E - e >> k - k æ - ë >> tS - c A - a >> dZ - j A: - á >> f - f Q - o >> v - v Q: - ó > > For dialects with that contrast, it is by more than just > length e.g. > GAmE /A/ vs /O/, RP /Q/ vs /O:/, AusE /O/ vs /o:/.
I am not a native speaker, mind you!
>> T - th (þ? ŧ?) U - u >> D - dh (ð? đ?) u - ú >> s - s u: - ú (some have [u\:] here) >> z - z V - a > > No dialect tmk distinguishes all three of /A A: V/; in > fact, I have no > idea what contrast you're trying to draw. On the other > hand, you > rather sensibly spell /A/ and /V/ the same, so I assume > this is just > typo-based confusion?
Yeah, most probably. AFM ideolect, I think I even merge /A/ and /V/. Vowels are always a peculiar topic, anyway. I took the list of sounds from my German-English dictionary, assuming that they've got the sounds right regarding phonemicity.
> No. It would be an abuse of Unicode; things like automatic > recapitisation and sorting would fail. We could just > finally do away > with caps...
Of course it would be. Ah well ... As for the caps, they are a nice feature of our script I think. Heh, in an uncial font, there are only capital letters ;-) Oh, and then, there's also alphabet 26 or how it's called. Search Omniglot for that. It looks like the font they used for McD's "Deluxe" campaign. Carsten -- "Miranayam kepauarà naranoaris." (Kalvin nay Hobbes) Venena, Tyemuyang 3, 2315 ya 06:03:33 pd