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CHAT: Alcohol : was [conculture] Digest Number 360

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Monday, June 12, 2000, 1:41
Thomas R. Wier wrote:

> But they don't make exceptions for selling the stuff. > Some of the blue laws here in Texas are really arcane: > on Sundays, in Travis County, you can only buy beverages > below a certain alcohol content (beer and below) > basically, past a particular time in the day (1 PM, I > think). But it varies; there are still lots of East > Texas counties that're dry, so I hear.
I don't know the precise laws in Australia on that point, but one of the legal/cultural differences that really stood out to me when I was in Britain in January was to see alcohol available in the supermarkets. No alcohol is available in Australian supermarkets; not even beer. Also, I hadn't realised that the idea of a drive-in bottle shop was so particular to Australia. A bottle shop is, of course, what many countries call an off-license. Most Australian bottle shops are drive-in, meaning that you can drive your car right inside the shop to save lugging heavy crates around. Many of the people I discussed this with in Britain were shocked at the very thought! Adrian.