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II Silindion Returns! (Longish)

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 21:42
Hello all!
As stated in my previous post, I am working on
describing the phonological inventory of Nestean and
Western the languages from which Silindion descends.
In this post I will show the inventory of Nestean
consonants and how they developed into Western and
finally Silinestic.

Proto-Nestean Consonant Inventory
Regular:  Aspirate:  Palatal:  Labial:
t  d       th  dh     tj dj    tw  dw
p  b       ph  bh     pj bj    pw  bw
k  g       kh  gh     kj gj    kw  gw

Glottal:   Pre-Nasal:   Fricative:    Lateral:
t?         nt  nd        s             l
p?         mp  mb        S (<shut>)    lj
k?         Nk  Ng                      l?

Nasal:    Semi-Vowel:
n          j
nj         w

Question 1: can one have voiced glottalized

Western Developments:
         Initial   Final (Medial):
t  d       t  D      d  D
p  b       p  B      b  B
k  g       k  G      g  G

(the voiced obstruents become fricativized)

th  dh    th  dh     t  dh
ph  bh    ph  bh     p  bh
kh  gh    kh  h      k  h

tj  dj    tj  dj     tj  d
pj  bj    tj  bj     tj  b
kj  gj    tj  Nj     tj  g

tw  dw    pw  nw     dw  nw
pw  bw    pw  w      bw  w
kw  gw    kw  w      gw  w

t?          d         d
p?          b         b
k?          g         g

nt  nd      t    nd     n   n
mp  mb      p    b      m   m
Nk  Ng      Nk   Ng     Nk  Ng

s             h         h
S             S         S

l           r           r
lj          l           l
l?          zero        l (or zero)

n            n         n
nj           nj        n (or zero)
m            m         m
N            N         N

j             same      same

Interesting Developments:
lt  > ltS>  rtS
sd > st
sb > sp
sg > sk

Proto-Western Consonants developed into the following
Silinestic Consonants:

t,p,k, stayed the same everywhere

D,B,G > j,w,?  everywhere

Initially:      Finally:
d > l (or d)     d
b > b            b
g > g            g

dh > d
bh > bh
h  > -

tj > tj initially
tj > s  finally

pw > kw
kw > kw

dw  > w
bw  > w
gw  > w

S   > s
rtS > r/ (voiceless _r_)

Question 2: How does one right voiceless _r_ in Sampa?

Everything else stayed the same.

That's the end of the major developments, comments

Elliott Lash

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