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the i-language

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 5, 2000, 17:36
Hello y'all/[jau]/you guys/etc.

In Swedish (and probably most European languages) there is a
game called _i-språket_ or rather _i-sprikit_ 'the i-language',
when you change all the vowels to /i/. Thee riseelt is finny,
bit yee still indeersteend ivrything thit is sid.

So the question is, would this work in all languages? Even in
ini/nine? Would it work in languages with only CV-syllables?

I don't know why I'm asking. Just curious about how much of
the speak that is context and if the language E would work
in reality. And other things that I really haven't thought
about yet, but which probably will come up if there is any
interest in this topic.