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Re: CHAT: R: Italian Particles

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Monday, May 1, 2000, 10:12
> And Rosta wrote: > > > > Ray: > > > All the evidence points to (insular) Celtic as being _originally_ > VSO. Why > > > this should be so is AFAIK unknown and one of those features that > > > "Celto-Semitists" like to point as evidence of Semitic influence :) > > > > Why the smiley? Is the notion of there being a Semitic substrate beneath > > insular Celtic so daft? (What I find less plausible is that there'd be > > a Semitic substrate in the British Isles but not in Iberia or Atlantic > > France.) > > Me too. > > But I'm with And on this one. A year or so ago I tried, imperfectly, to > summarize some of the points made by Orin Gensler in his recent thesis > on the subject, which is an enormous collation and commentary on all the > arguments concerning the Celto-Hamitic connection, and it was scoffed at on > the basis of my summary. Go read the books on it, that's my advice. It's > one of the world's more interesting linguistic "problems," which doesn't > deserve complacent dismissal before everything that has been written on it > has been read.
Could you post the bibliographical details? [Excuse me if someone else has already asked this. This thread is going under various titles, & I'm not sure if I've found all relevant messages.] I do remember you desribing the linguistic evidence. What I'm curious about is whether the known history of Afro-Asiatic is compatible with the Neolithic lgs of Atlantic Europe being Semitic. --And.