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Auxlang diversions (also Lingo and Pictish)

From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Saturday, September 9, 2000, 5:56
I believe the ones I was talking about was like Loglan and its
derivitive of Lojban? I suspect onces they are other Auxlangs will
diverge even more cause of natural means and ways of how things are..
With my comments about Italian/Spanish/Portugese, is with some work,
persons who speak one, can easily speak one of the others, versus
persons who don't speak a closely relating languages (I often use lingo
cause it means I don't have to use as much of the keyboard and Language,
I often mispell it with an H instead of a G).
I know my sister who speaks Castilian, Mexican learned Italian very
I wonder how much fun Ladino (c.15th century Dielect Spanish with alot
of Hebrew additions, sort of like Yiddish but based on Spanish and some

A Natlang often diverges due to unconscious reasons, but not always..
Yes, while an Auxlang often for now, diverges cause of deliberate
reasons sometimes called "improving it" but is it improvements or ..

Hum, don't use much lingo/slang.. Just sometimes type when tired, and I
fear it shows.. Will see about quoting things, just not into quoting to
much like some do, like who digests (no one here, normally).

Anyone have a list of know Pictish words? I would love to compare them
to words I know from other lingos for possible corialation(sp). I think
my mental spell checker is totally offline today.

Speaking of Loglan and the Wofir, has anyone tried to create a lingo
that tests way to not have racial words, or how lingos can force one
group to use words for the other, and the reverse?

Online IQ tests, any URLs, just for fun.. I know most are subjective to
many factors other than raw intelligence. Such as knowledge base, and
social/economic and like factors.. Like asking a question of Football, I
don't watch or care about football, so it is unlikely I know much about
it.. But seen some tests with like questions.

Meaning of CUCHULAINN or CoCulaine. Mean Hound of Culaine, story goes he
was on his way to visit Chulaine, and ended up killing his favorite
hound, so he volunteered to act as Chulaines hound until a new litter
was old enough.
He was doomed to die young, and it was cause of his being a youth that
he could do it, cause of a Geas by Maeve? that the men of Ulster would
feel the pangs of birth every month (one day?), cause of a time they
mistreated a pregnant women (Maeve or ).


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