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IQ or intelligence in ConLang/Cultures

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Saturday, September 9, 2000, 4:31
In a message dated 2000:09:08 6:42:22 PM, yl112@CORNELL.EDU writes:

>ObConLang: How is "intelligence" represented in y'all's >conlangs/concultures? The Qenaren tend to look at talent in specific >areas rather than having a sort of "general g" theory.
From _How to Think Like Leonardo di Vinci: 7 Steps to Genius Every Day_ by Michael J. Gelb: - _Curiosita'_ - insatiable curious approach to life & continous learning ("hands-on" a la Montesorri School &/or "Brain Gym") -_ Dimostrazione_ - commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, & trial-&-error - Sensazione_- refinement of the senses as means to enliven experience - _Sfumato_ (literally: "going up in smoke") - willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, & uncertainty (a la Chaos Science, Taoism, John Cage's & Udo Kasemet's music. etc) -_Arte/Scienza_ - development of balance 'tween sciences & art, logic & imagination ("brain balancing," "Holistic Cerebral Integration") - _Corporalita_ - cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, & poise (& perhaps whimsy & mischief, too) - _Connessione_ - recognizing & appreciating the overall interconnectedness/co-interdependence of all things & phenomena (a la Taoism, "Systems Thinking," Cybernetics, Gaian Concept, etc.) enuff said, never enuff done... czHANg