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Scripts/Klingon and others.

From:Abrigon Gusiq <abrigon@...>
Date:Saturday, July 6, 2002, 7:21
Beauty in a script is relative to the viewer and need. Arabic is good
for Arabic language, and in many cases is very beautiful. A whole group
of art is based on the use of the letters. In part due to Islamic
restrictions on the use of animal and human forms. Would Arabic script
fit English well? Not sure.. But likely not, but I believe there is
forms out there for it.

One of the debates I know on Elfscript email list on Yahoogroups was how
to design a script based on Tengwar. Would it be best to use the basic
letter values to form the script, would it fit English? spelling or
other ways. Or should you assign values to the letter presented, based
on aethetic and/or functional needs.

When you write something, will it look good. Will it flow? When written
fast will it blend together and no longer be functional? Will it give
you carpel tunnel problems if you wrote it alot? How easy is it to
learn? Can you use it for artistic purposes?
But the basic question is how functional is it? Do you have to have a
whole bunch of rules to write things out.. Will their be characters for
all the dipthongs, consontants, vowels and like? Or do I have to get
creative like some do in English-Roman letters.

For idea on a new script, check out sources on how Hebrew characters
developed from the same basic source of Greek/Roman, Arabic and others..
Especially when Hebrew went from one form to another based on Aramaic

Very Amateur Paleographer and Calligrapher, sometime linguist. All