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OT: CONCULTURE: Ayeri calendar again

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, December 26, 2004, 13:34

OK, a second try. I did not consider Physics, be warned!!!!!
All basic figures are made out of thin air. So when I get
around one day to do the necessary Maths stuff, the lengths
of cycles may certainly change, but I rather like the
system, so I hope it'll keep the same.

Now, I want to have 2 moons, no matter what you Physics
buffs say! However, they're both smaller than our Moon and
are together a little bigger than it. Because Areca is
bigger than the Earth, and both moons are quite far away
from each other, tides and such shouldn't be that a big
problem. I know systems with three bodies are chaotic, but
I hope things keep stable for at least, say, 25,000 years!

There are two moons, Cimban (the Hunter) and Vicama (the
Firebird) whom he chases. <-- Also try Instant Mythology™ :P

However, the year is supposed to have 455.75 days, which
equals 379.791667 earth days. People count 456 days of
course, just like our year has 365 days, not 365.25!

Because Vicama is so far away, it is only visible similar to
Venus (the morning & evening star), a very bright spot thus.

CIMBAN: 24 days (full moon -> full moon)
324 days (position -> same position)
=> averagely 18.98958333 (~18) months/year,
resting 24 days are a special, 19th month at
the end of the year

VICAMA: 60 days (full moon -> full moon)
608 days (position -> same position)
=> averagely 7.5958333 (~7) months
36 days/year left! --- What do do with them?!

PROBLEM: Either they're not caring about the sun and only
use the two moons for time calculation, or they live with
extra days! People needn't care about seasons because the
seasons are not so extreme around the equator (I've learnt
at school). I must see whether I make my calendar a totally
lunar calendar or if I keep it lunisolar.

scm = smallest common multiple (kgV in German)
bcp = biggest common part (ggT in German)

scm(24;60) = 280 days
bcp(24;60) = 12 days

scm(324;608) = 49,248 days == 108.059243 years
bcp(324;608) = 4 days

I know this leads to a damn irregular calendar :P Their
astronomers must have much fun, they're best counting in
whatever resembles milliseconds I guess!!

These are the natural units:

Month: full moon -> full moon = 24/60 days
Year: summer solstice -> summer solstice = 455.75 days

By fiddling around a bit with the given numbers, you
additionally get the following units:

Millenium: 12*Century
Century: conjunction between both moons = 108 years
Decade: Century/8 = 6156 days = 13.5074538 years

I know one cannot call the cycles like this, the terms are a
bit stretched so that they fit my purposes!

Common Day: Divided into forenoon (sunrise -> noon),
afternoon (noon -> sunset), night (sunset ->
-> The length of the day should not differ too much,
since the Ayeri live in the tropics, near the equator
-> Nevertheless, the length of these units are depending
on the time of the year!

/ Scientists' day: 1 'second' = 24 'deciseconds' \ Clocks
| 1 'minute' = 48 'seconds' |>- don't
| 1 'hour' = 60 'minutes' |>- exist
\ 1 day = 30 'hours' / yet!!*

*) Except sun-dials and water clocks. But there are no
mechanical clocks yet!

The count of years is given like this:

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
| 1..108 1..19 1..8 1..24 1..60

I know you'll get similar dates to the Mayan "Long Count",
e.g. 1.7.96:14.7:21.32 (or in base-12 _1.7.80:12.7:19.28_)

* The centuries are called after Gods (not made up yet)
* The centuries are parted into 8 groups, named after
* The months of Cimban and Vicama only have numbers
* The days of Cimban only have numbers.
* The days of Vicama are named after household events

This system can be shortened to, e.g. the
example above would be

Now for the rough bugfixes!

Each year has 0.25 days too much, so there must be 1 day
dropped every 4 years. (that is 27 days in 108 years)
--> Mistake is near to 0 (only 0.00000275 days too much in
108 years)!!??

Because I'm not too good at Maths, I'd be grateful if
someone could please verify my results!



And please don't ask me now which time it is at the moment
I'm writing this! Heck, it's in the middle of the night and
I should have been asleep for two hours! And even more,
please don't ask me what time it is in this piece of random
insanity above! I first have to reconfigure Mark J. Reed's
PHP script he sent me some time ago.


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