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From:Oskar Gudlaugsson <hr_oskar@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 12, 2000, 2:13
Does this list contain spelling reform fans?

I think the term "spelling reform" will most often conjure images of "a bold
attack on the English orthography monster", yielding something like "dhiz iz
en egzampul uv mai greit nu erthugraffi". Which is unfortunately not a very
good image.

However, though I have of course made my own attempt at respelling English,
I'm more interested in other languages.

But what interests me most in this is the term "aesthetics"; the spelling
must look nice (unlike the one above). But what are people's ideas of
"nice"? Aha, very interesting indeed....;)

I also favor a very generativist approach to spelling.

Basically, we could call this 'conorthography' or 'conspelling'. Do people
here have some cool conspellings they'd like to share?

A conspelling I'd like to share is one I made for French. I can't present it
right now, as I have to revise it a bit. The basic point in it was of course
to make an easier spelling for the language, which would still be familiar
and appealing. One objective was to manage without any diacritics or special
characters at all.

To be continued...

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