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Miapimoquitch text: Eye Juggler (long):Rihana-ye Version

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Sunday, February 1, 2004, 23:24
Eye Juggler (Rihana-ye)
Chaja *Giraleba

*Dibifa famali *wega-ye da-fe *gijo-mi wicho.
 Coyote white tail-of children playing saw.
Veda-fe veda-fe-ye choja-fe wikebo-mi ge ra-me tethe wiralebo-mi
They their eyes were out-taking and air-in upward were throwing
ge veda-fe-ye *chojahana-fe-me *wirakebo-mi.
and their eyesockets-in were catching.
Dibifa gijo-gi wigivajo. Vefa fugeli yawali choja-fe.
Coyote play-to wanted. He very bright black eyes (had)
Vefa sefe wikebo ge ra-me wiralebo.
He these took out and air-in threw.
Veha-fe vislatiga-me wikeneno-mi
They cedar-in were hanging.
Vefa tiga wivebo, sepe vefa vefa-ye choja-fe no-gi he wijo-ji.
He tree shook, but he his eyes fall-to not was-make-could
Famaliwega-ye da-fe *wigiro ge vefa *wigijovaro.
Whitetail-of children laughed and him mocked.
Dibifa biva-i wijo-si, ge veda-fe wihawevejo.
Coyote angry made-was, and them chased.
Vefa veda-fe he wibo-ji, se kere vefa wikevejo.
He them not take-could, this from he left.
Vefa ritiga-ye *tigama-ke choja-fe wijo-bi
He pine-of sap-from eyes made-had to
Se kere zewa-me dibifa-ye choja-fe zali.
This from nowtime-in coyote-of eyes yellow.

John Leland

NOTES: "Coyote" ("Dibifa" lit. "small wolf") is probably not a true
Rihana-ye word as the Rihana-ye culture is in the rough
equivalent of premodern Central Asia, and AFAIK the
coyote is only an American animal.
Famaliwega (milk-white tail) is also an artificial construction.
The Rihana-ye word for rabbit is tejofa.
Notice that the pronoun used for coyote is vefa --3rd sing. animal
and the pronoun for cottontail's children is veda-fe 3rd pl. children.
Arguably it should be vefa-fe third pl. animal, but I changed my mind
while writing this and revised accordingly, partly to make the pronouns
more distinct for the non-Rihana-ye reader.
"Zali"is "suncolored," which in this conworld is more tawny than
pure yellow.

John Leland