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Rihana-ye et al.:Master Dictionary: Progress Report

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Sunday, February 1, 2004, 23:24
I have now completed the first phase of my Master Dictionary,entering into a
data base
all the words from the card indexeswhich I used for dictionaries hitherto,
together with some additionswhich were created during the project. After the
additions for Eye Juggler, the numbers of words from each language are as follows:

English 2450: this means that there are roughly this many English words for
which a translation exists in at least one of my conlangs. There are a few
examples where a conlang has synonyms, so the English word must be entered more
than once.

Rihana-ye: 1500. This is my most developed currently active conlang, which I
have used in most material posted to this list..

Natece Atechana: 1130. This is my '"dead" conlang active from 1963 to some
time in the seventies, and still used as a sacred/magical language in one
conworld (not the one
in which Rihana-ye is dominant).

Pihana-ye (Kushy yemu) : 438. This was the language that actually began my
second phase of conlanging. This is now the language of a country conquered by
There is probably more of its vocabulary existing in written texts which have
not been checked for the dictionary.

Zanona-ye:(Sawelenedere): 407 This is the language derived from Proto-IE
under Rihana-ye influence which I essentially created over this past Christmas

Hemana-ye (Jases Lalal) : 230. This is the language of a hostile desert
country between Pihana and Zanona. It is the only one of these conlangs which has a
really satisfactory script. I have been doing some work on its verbs lately
which I hope to post soon.

Vela-Zatona-ye (Va Hub Hos Tir Yob): 132: This is the "trade" dialect of
Zatona-ye, the language of a country east of Rihana and PIhana. It is heavily
influenced by Rihana-ye.
Again, a fair number of documents (most business records) exist in it, which
have not been checked for vocabulary as yet.

Zatona-ye: (Hos Tir Yob)122 This is the "standard" or "court" language of

Pizatona-ye (Khosh Tha Job) 140: This is a southern dialect of Zatona-ye
spoken in a peninsula south of Zatona. Some more words exist for it which I
created today and have not yet entered.

Besides these languages, there are empty columns on the dictionary database
for Meridonian and Saryani, created between the 1970s and 2003 in my period of
"casual conlanging"; they are supposedly Romance and Semitic posteriori
languages respectively and exist in the form of a number of texts (much more in
Meridonian than Saryani) but they do not as yet have formal vocabulary lists,
which would have to be created like the OED, by actually reading the texts and
noting word use. In theory, there is also Bikana-ye, a northern variant of
Rihana-ye spoken in a nation of amazons to the northwest of Rihana,and Pimana-ye, a
southern variant of Rihana-ye spoken in a large island group SE of PIhana.
As yet, these  have not developed any vocabulary.

John Leland