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CHAT: OFF: Eddie Izzard (Re: CHAT: Champaign!)

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Monday, November 29, 1999, 13:12
Just a small message to tell you that to celebrate the 1000th person
who landed on my webpage (the counting began on the end of July) last
week, I asked David to give me subdomains directing to my page.


The title of your message reminded me of an Eddie Izzard piece, where he
mentions that the French have the opposite attitude to the English regarding
Beer and Champaign.  The French will, according to Eddie, celebrate _anything_
by opening champaign, and reserve beer for special occasions:  "You have crossed
the road? Champaign!"  "You have bought a new car? Champaign!"  "You have found
some money down the back of your couch? Champaign!"  "You have had a baby?
Here's a beer..." *

Not that I'm suggesting that your website isn't worthy of champaign! <G> It's
very interesting, I haven't had a chance to look over all of it yet.  Much of
the site seems to be only in French only, but The Altavista Babelfish (and some
careful reading) makes fairly short work of it.

So ... yeah, ObTinyAlmostRelevantBit:
I really must get on and webify myself.  I've started, but it doesn't amount to
enough to tell about.


* I don't know if it's even remotely true, and maybe you have to watch the video
(and appreciate his humour **) to find it funny.  Nevertheless, I found it very
funny to be reminded of it in this way.

** Eddie Izzard is the only comedian who includes the French language in his act
(that I know of).  He's also the only person who speaks large chunks of French
that I can understand in "real time" ***, which probably explains a lot.

*** If you ever catch any of his videos, watch out for the "language lab", and
the school visit to France.

PS: here's a link -

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