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Hiligaynon Grammatical words

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Saturday, August 21, 2004, 12:31
While I am part Filipino, my specific Filipino cultures are Hiligaynon
and Aklanon.
There is a page online called Nagatuon ako sang Ilonggo (another name
for Hiligaynon), which means "I am learning Hiligaynon"

Anyway, i thought the explanations of some of the grammatical terms
was interesting:

Lantipulong "grammar" - this is a compound word formed from "lántip" -
correct, excellent, perfect, and "pulong" -word. The literal meaning
is "perfect/correct speech"

Panglihok "verb" - is formed from "lihók" meaning "to stir, to move,
movement, signs of life" , and the affix pang- which is a
frequentative noun (it appears to be a productive affix used to create
a lot of new nouns, and i think in this case IS frequentative, rather
than indicating "something intended for use" or "plurality")

Pangalan "noun" - this is also the word for name (pangalan is
obviously a direct translation of the linguistic term)

Tigkapulongan "vocabulary"- this is formed from "pulong" - word, plus
the affixes "tig- indicating a doer, and ka- -an indicating a
collective noun. Literally it means something that does/makes a
collection of nouns. An alternate word is "bokabularyo" - Vocabulary,
from Spanish.

Pangdayaw "adjective" - from dayaw "appreciate, praise, admire, speak
well of, commend, laud, plaudit", and the "pang-" affix. In essence,
"something intended to appreciate, praise, admire, speak well of,
commend, laud, plaudit".

Panghulag "adverb" - from hulag "action, move, motion, to stir, to
bestir", and the Frequentative affix "pang-"

This is what i've found. I hadn't realized that any Philippine
language would compound words to form new ones (i thought that was a
unique feature to Saalangal in reference to Philippine languages,
since the flavor is "insular south east Asian" but not direct.)

Something gets lost when you translate,
It's hard to keep straight, perspective is everything

- Invisible ink - Aimee Mann -