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Kemrese proverb, was Re: Brezhoneg Proverbs

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 1, 2000, 5:26
Andrew thus skibbered the mallaby, dronning the cando:

>Yes, I thought the same thing myself when I read it. Now that would >be... Rhuifar a bunent.
The southern variety would be "Remar li muir". A curious extended form is used when someone makes like they're dying, but really aren't: "Poneor la corraches li muir mays y rhemi 'wers lis grocciv". Which is, _the boat's put to the West, but the oars lie on the beach_. Others may want to take a stab at rendering these proverbs into their various languages. The proverb given above roughly means "to be at Death's door". Literally, it is "row into the West", i.e., to the Land of the Young or the Blessed Isles. The second might mean "Oh, he's just faking." Padraic.
>- andrew.