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Re: Language naming terminology (was Re: Finno-Ugric languages)

From:vardi <vardi@...>
Date:Monday, September 21, 1998, 8:43
Raymond A. Brown wrote:
> > At 4:31 pm -0500 20/9/98, Tom Wier wrote: > [.....] > > > >Note that the names used for the same people were used by the people closest > >to them; so, for example, the English used "German-" since the Germani > >were the > >closest to them, > > So how come we have in Welsh: Yr Almaen (Germany), Almaenaidd (German > [adj]), Almaeneg (German language), Almaenwr (German man), Almaenes (German > woman) ? Are you saying that the Germani were closest to the English on > the east of our island while the Alemani were closest to the Britons/Welsh > on the west? I know of no evidence of this. >
:) Mightn't this be the famous Welsh-Spanish connection? I don't know much Welsh, but pirate is morladron, IIRC. Maybe passing pirates discussed the state of plundering in Germanic waters? Shaul Vardi