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PIE and Nostratic

From:James Comer <jcomer2001@...>
Date:Thursday, September 22, 2005, 13:57
Hey all,

Glad to see the articles on pre-Greek and posts on PIE.  I had a question
about the Nostratic hypothesis, as I based Urasti on Nostratic.  How
seriously is Nostratic taken nowadays? Where are the Nostratic speakers
supposed to have lived? I have read very early dates for them, and that
they were hunter-gatherers.

I am harvesting words in Tocharian A from a Buddhist text posted with an
online translation to create Yorash, a conlang for human tribes who live
in symbiosis with giant carnivorous lizards. As Tocharian is distantly
related to Nostratic, there will be some similarity, but also major
differences. I find that gathering a few hundred basic word roots is
necessary to start a conlang. How do others on this list start?
I LOVE the comitative case. I even harvested a few examples of it.


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