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ergative? I don't know...

From:Clinton Moreland-Stringham <morelanc@...>
Date:Friday, October 23, 1998, 6:25

        I've got a problem, and I was thinking one of yll might be able to
figger it out for me.

        Since Aelya uses thematic roles, I'm wondering if it ends up being
ergative or not, and either way, what the cases should be called. Here's
the relevant data:

        1. Agent (AGT): entity which performs an activity or brings about
a change of state (e.g. the crowg-AGT applauded.)
        2. Patient (PAT): entity which- is viewed as existing in a state
or undergoing change; viewed a slocated or moving; viewed as affected or
effected by an entity (e.g. the sky-PAT is blue, the cat-PAT is in the
house, or the bird ate the worm-PAT)
        3. Experiencer (EXP) entity which experiences as emotion or
perception OR an Agent (fm above) which acts unitnentionally (e.g.
They-EXP love music or He-EXP fell (on accident)).

        there are other roles, but these are the main ones IRT an ergative
system. Would it be ergative? And what should I call the cases which
encode these roles?

        an example in Aelya:

        Ceennos          ya   doleirnas            anne.
        See-PAST-EXP-3sf that obscure-PAST-AGT-3sm gift-PAT
        She saw that he obscured the gift. (as by standing in front of it)

        Thanks in Aelya,  Oryma!