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Re: TECH: Re: Interactive Gevey lexicon

From:Rik Roots <rikroots@...>
Date:Thursday, October 25, 2001, 21:42
> On Tuesday 23 October 2001 14:25, Rik Roots wrote: > > Well, it might not seem like much, but I've finally installed a > > searchable database of Gevey words onto my website. Please feel > > free to have a quick look - any feedback would of course be very > > welcome > > > > > > > > Rik, no longer afraid of perlscripts and mysql > > Cool! How'd you do it? > -- > Sylvia Sotomayor > >
Thanks for the cool - much appreciated. The words are stored in a simple database built using mysql. The page has two frames, the top frame loads an html page with a lot of links which call a cgi script written in perl - each link is customised to pass the search parameters as part of the call. Finally, the perlscript interrogates the database and builds the results page which is displayed in the bottom frame. Doing the html and perl coding, and building the database, was quite easy. The hard bit was pursuading the pages, scripts and database to talk to each other on the website... Rik -- The Gevey language reference