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Re: Size of your dictionary

From:Tony Harris <tony@...>
Date:Friday, April 3, 2009, 20:08
Daniel Bowman wrote:
> Also, how do you keep your dictionary organized? I wrote an excel macro > that allows me to enter words and also search by word, grammatical type, and > English keyword. I can make it available if other people want to use it, > but it may be a while-it's not working correctly yet! >
Sorry, I missed this part until I read Amanda's answer. When words come to me, they're written down on whatever I have handy, or in my PDA. I then regularly collect those into 3x5 inch spiral-bound notebooks (Alurhsa is on its 4th). Then periodically I transfer the new words from that into a spreadsheet, formerly in Excel but now in OpenOffice. I have a set of Perl scripts that I then run that read the spreadsheet and populate a MySQL database with both an Alurhsa-English table and, using keyword fields in the spreadsheet, an English-Alurhsa table (that one ends up with about 14,000 entries because any given Alurhsa word might list under up to 4 English words to make it possible to find it). I then have scripts that produce a .vok file for use with my PDA's dictinary software, a searchable file I use with grep to be able to search for words while typing, and a file I use with a very basic text-based quiz program I wrote. I also dump the database so I can save the whole thing in a variety of formats just in case, and then make sure I have a copy of the whole directory on multiple computers both here and offsite. Tony Harris