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Re: Size of your dictionary

From:Njenfalgar <njenfalgar@...>
Date:Monday, April 6, 2009, 7:59
2009/4/3 Daniel Bowman <danny.c.bowman@...>

> Hello all- > > How many words does your conlang(s) have? I realize that this might be a > tricky question to answer depending on how you define "word."
I used to work on a personal language of sorts, 'õSet'akhtü Njèènshwajgarr, where I reached about 500 words. It was a rather experimental language, just trying out some stuff before I ever discovered linguistics and universals and the like. The result is rather unnatural, and when I realized that, I kind of abandoned the language. My other conlangs are made for use in stories I write, and some of them have a lexicon of exactly one proper name -- the name of a character. The more quantitive languages reach maybe in the hundred. If you want to see big numbers, ask me for the number of languages I have. :-) Also, how do you keep your dictionary organized? I wrote an excel macro
> that allows me to enter words and also search by word, grammatical type, > and > English keyword. I can make it available if other people want to use it, > but it may be a while-it's not working correctly yet! > > Danny >
Usually, I have a handwritten list of words, listen in the order I have invented them in. Now and then I copy them to something computerized, ordening them as I do so. Up to now, I have always used MS Word, but one day I decided I would use more advanced stuff -- for automatic ordening and the like. Since then, I have computerized absolutely nothing, as those more advanced methods I was envisaging also need more time to set up -- and time is a commodity I don't have much to spare of. Greets David -- Migh foghgl adzankh edung, vonglerung.