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Country names in national languages

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Saturday, May 11, 2002, 1:39
I remembered that long ago we were trying to have a list of the name of
the countries in the official/national languages.  I even had a table
with this names, but I lost it unfortunately.

I believe this is a valuable resource for all of us that are creating
Eartling languages (auxlangs, personal langs, langs for earthbased
concultures, etc.)

The idea is to have a list covering all countries (I would add main
cities if possible), including:
 ES - Short name in English: i.e. Columbia *
 EO - Long official name in English: i.e. Republic of Columbia
 EE - Ethimology in English: from (Christopher) Columbus
 NL - National language: i.e. Spanish.
 NS - Short name in national language: i.e. Colombia
 .. . - pronunciation: /ko"lom.bja/
 NO - Long official name in national language: i.e. República de
 .. . - pronunciation: /rre"pu.Bli.ka De ko"lom.bja/
 .. . - interlinear translation: i.e. Republic of Columbia
 NE - Ethimology in national language: from (Cristobal) Colón
 .. . - pronunciation: Colón: /ko"lon/

* I usually write and prefer "Colombia" (with <o>) in English, but I let
the <u> for contrasting national name versus name in English.

Well.  I will add a few:

Colombia: ES Colombia/Columbia, EO Republic of Colombia/Columbia, EE
name given in honour to Christopher Columbus. NL Spanish.  NS: Colombia
/ko"lombja/.  NO: República de Colombia /rre"puBlika De ko"lombja/
<republic> <of> <colombia>.  NE name given in honour to Christophe
Columbus (Cristobal Colón /ko"lon/ in Spanish).

Venezuela: ES Venezuela, EO Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. EE
Venezuela means Little Venice; Bolivarian is an adjective derived from
Bolivar.  NL: Spanish.  NS Venezuela /bene"swela/.  NO República
Bolivariana de Venezuela /rre"puBlika BoliBa"4jana De Bene"swela/
<republic> <Bolivarian> <of> <Venezuela>.  NE same as in English.

Ecuador: ES Ecuador, EO Republic of Ecuador.  EE from Spanish for the
Equatorian line.  NL: Spanish.  NS Ecuador.  NO República del Ecuador
/rre"puBlika Del ekwa"Dor/ <republic> <of-the> <Equator>.  NE name taken
from the Equatorian line.

Peru: ES Peru  EO Republic of Peru.  EE from Spanish.  NL Spanish.  NS
(el) Perú /el pe"4u/  NO República del Perú /rre"puBlika Del pe"ru/
<republic> <of-the> <Peru>.  NE ?

Thank you.  You may also add concultural nations.

-- Carlos Th


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