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First Message

From:John Laury <jalaur@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 3:50
Hello.  This is my first message to the list--I just
signed on, so right now I don't know too much about the
topics of conversation.  I just heard about this group
from one of your members (the inventor of Teonaht) and
figured I should check it out.  I have to admit I
haven't invented any languages to date (besides an
attempt at an alphabet/phonetic system in high school,
which I gave up when I took my first college
linguistics class and discovered that the systematic
phonetic similarities that I "discovered" were only
*part* of the first phonetics lesson), but I have
plenty of ideas, and I am thrilled that if I were to
create a language in the future, I might have an
audience that could appreciate it.

                         - John


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