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Re: Saprutum Script

Date:Wednesday, April 25, 2001, 22:35
I don't know the best way to view PS files in Windows. Some graphics
packages will open them, but the resolution may not be very good.

Anyway I've just put a picture of the dog's gravestone at the top of
my grammar page, so this will give a general impression of the script
(without punctuation). N.b. You can write from right to left if you
like, just flip all the letter shapes over to their mirror images.

As regards the Punic text, the full phrase was :

WBN 'NK HQRT Z glossed as "And I built this city"

No other words have an H prefixed, masc. pls end in -M, fem. sing. in -T
fem. pl. in -YT (-WT* might have been expected given Heb. [-o:T]) and
adjectives agree at least in gender with their nouns, so if the Z is
really a demonstrative it should perhaps have been ZT ???

See attached gif file, oh, sorry, I flipped it to read left to right.



John Cowan <cowan@...>Postscript on Windows (Saprutum Script)