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Weekly Vocab Fifteenish

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Saturday, July 19, 2003, 17:55
Just got back from college orientation.
Roger Mills commented that the themes in my vocab are a bit baroque. Well,
I figured that most concultures would have gone through a bow-and-arrow
polytheistic stage, but many have not gone through more advanced stages.
1. cream
Cats enjoy eating cream.

2. thin
This cat is thin, so he must not have eaten much of anything, much less

3. to promise
I promise to care for the cat from now until Ragarnok [Norse mythology:
end of the world].

4. to interrupt
Ragarnok interrupted my oath.

5. lightning
Lightning flashes brightly, not waiting for the previous bolt to stop
before the next one crashes down

6. unison
Thunder sounds in unison with the lightning.

7. shelter
There is no shelter from the terrible storms and earthquakes.

8. ancient
Ancient buildings are ruined by the floods and warring deities.

9. protest
Environmentalists lodge a protest with the gods regarding the destruction
of the planet.

10. spite
In spite, Loki and Thor rip the world to tiny pieces.

11. to regenerate
Odin, responding to the environmentalists' pleas, regenerates the universe.


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