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Re: Nyenecye-Ja (fi: I'm back)

From:Pavel Iosad <edricson@...>
Date:Monday, August 11, 2003, 20:42

> Good idea! We had actually renamed Narjan-Mar "Lymbdasavey > Mar", but this seems a good solution too.
Glad you like it :-)
> > The Russians cannot spare enough forces to fight the Nenets, and are > > forced to leave them alone for a while under the condition that > > Nyenecye-Ja does not enter the war against them. After the war, they > > leave them totally alone. > > Hmmm. Do you think Vissarionov would have been happy with > such a solution?
Surely not, but probably he'd have too much on hand there to pay attention to those Yurak upsrisings. After all, no-one knew there was the oil and gas there, and the Vorkuta coal was a pain to deliver, and thus easily substituted for something else.
> Okay, he was pretty occupied with establishing his power in > Estonia etc., but > would he have allowed a region that was part of Russia to > split off so easily?
That'd be part of the fun :) [...]
> Anyway, the main difference with my map, I believe, is that > you add a small portion of the Komi Republic to Nyenecye-Ja,
Yes, mostly the North-East (Kolva Nenets and Vorkuta).
> and that Taymir does nót belong to > it. What would you do with Taymir Nenetsia? > Add it to the United States of Siberia?
Well, what is inhabited by the Nenets is part of Nyenecye-Ja (i. e. the part of the present Taimyr AD to the west of the Yenisei). The rest doesn't have a lot to do with the Nenets. I think it'd make good sense to unite it with Yakutia, since the Dolgans are their closest relatives. An independent Dolgan state is a cool idea, but I think it too crazy, and besides I know next to nothing about THOSE places. No-one'd have let the Dolgans control all that nickel and stuff, anyway.
> If you want to change the borders with the Union of Mansiland > and Khantiland too, you should consult with Ferko first, I think.
I think I should, for I'd like to see Nyesyang-Ja (the Forest Nenets country) included there. [...]
> (Perhaps we should take this discussion to Conculture, BTW. > That's were all the IB stuff takes place, after all)
Oh, are you cruel! Not another list!!! OK, I've joined it, so I think we can resume the discussion there ;-) Pavel -- Pavel Iosad Nid byd, byd heb wybodaeth --Welsh saying