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! Re: Subject / Object / ?

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 16:34
> > So, next time, before jumping at my throat, you may think a bit before
> > not talking to Elliot alone here). I don't have the habit of talking
> > what I know nothing about. And I was just genuinely surprised by the > > question Rodlox asked, which should indicate that I had a higher opinion
> > the US education system*s* than you seem to think I have. But I must say > > it's just one more piece of circumstancial evidence that I got that
> > that *in average*, the US education level in primary and secondary
> > is not good enough.
I focused, in school, on the Sciences (ie biology), rather than the Languages, which I skimmed through/past. it was only after graduating, that I began to delve into Languages. translation: in this case, it is the result of the individual, not the system. ps: if *you* don't know the answer to my question, you don't need to digress into a discussion of school systems -- just say that you don't know the answer. I won't tell anyone!


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