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my meat isn't fresh enough?

From:christopher carter <cscfon@...>
Date:Saturday, December 15, 2001, 9:11
Well all, I thought I would consolidate my responses into one email to go
easy on your inboxes.  :)

First of all, I am sorry to confuse "some" of you with my last subject
heading "fresh meat", but if I am to be confused with PORN SPAM.....  so be
it, I can live with that.

My career?  I am a union stage manager for opera and theatre.  Based in NYC,
but work around the country.

Just a quick greeting in my conlang Dafhkin to whet the appetite:
              Gatsyku?       /'gatsiku/    'how are you?'
              (a contraction of older forms of those words)

But for the first real lesson.  I shall go with a recent topic.  Besides, it
is more fun.  Pornographic terms.  I have had quite a few for a while now.
I won't dare offend you all with the rather risque ones, but a few for now.
[Using the Kirscenbaum IPA system]

'blow job'         tomborg           /'tOmbOrg/
'doggy style'      burqig tyr        /'br-kI  tir<trl>/
'dildo'            dyldo             /'dildo/
'frottage'         frottadj          /frot'tadZ/
'lesbian'          topela            /'topEl@/      (c.f. '2 pipes')
'pornography'      pornojrefa        /pOr'nodZrEf@/
'rim job'          rymorg            /'r<trl>imOrg/
'transvestitism'   vrenvesjatcyZ     /vrEn'vES@tSiZ/

but why bore you with any more.
take care everybody


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