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Re: Question about vowel harmono

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, May 3, 2001, 21:18
From: "Frank George Valoczy" <valoczy@...>
> front: y oe ae > neutral: i e > back: u o a > > which is basically what Finnish has; Hungarian doesn't have the /ae/, and > Turkish adds dotless-i to show /W/(?) the back counterpart to /i/ > > > Are there any other languages that use vowel harmony? What about a > > close/open distinction instead of a front/back, so > > > > i, u, y would be close > > o, a, and e would be open > > > > Interesting, tho I've never heard of any langs like this, tho that doesnt > mean they dont exist...
One of my other conlangs [which does not have believability among its goals] has a system like this: "left": a ä [&] "center" (neutral): e ë [2] (also <i> of epenthesis) "right": o ö [u] [Where <a> corresponds to <o>, and <ä> to <ö>.] 'Left center right' are just labels for where they are on the alphabet chart [also, if the letters are seen as faces, corresponding left and right vowels are mirror images of each other facing the relevant direction]. I'm not sure what the values of <e> and <ë> really are, though I do know <ë> is rounded <e>. 'Left' and 'right' <e> and <ë> may be possible also. Hmm... If I did that, left <e, ë> would be [E] and [9], and right <e, ë> would be [e] and [2]. And then that would be a "sort-of" close/open harmony, I guess. *Muke!