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Re: CHAT: The [+foreign] attribute

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Saturday, September 28, 2002, 10:32
Thomas Wier wrote:
> >Quoting Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>: > > > Thomas Wier wrote: > > > > > What makes the US so powerful is that it is not only very >wealthy, > > > > > it is wealthy with such a large population. > > > > > > > > IMHO the only reason the US are so powerful. It is after all the > > > > most populous country of the First World. > > > > > >I'm not sure you understand what those two facts actually mean. > > >Great wealth means nothing more than having access to a large amount > > >of material resources, and great population means having access to > > >a large amount of human resources (ideas, skills, beliefs, etc. in > > >addition to raw muscle power). "Power" for our purposes is defined > > >as the ability to marshall material and human resources toward a > > >particular goal. So, when you say that the "only" reason is these > > >two facts, you are speaking tautologously. > > > > You've lost me here, I'm afraid. Since when does the possession of >large > > resources, human or material, necessarily confer the ability to >marshall > > such resources towards a particular goal? > > I was considering the institutional apparatus, de jure or de facto, >necessary > to marshall said resources part of human resources. Perhaps it might > better to isolate that as a third criterion.
Now you are making sense. And yes, I definitely think the institutional apparatus should be isolated as a separate factor.
> (By institution, I mean > guidelines for acting in a given circumstance and individuals assigned > for that purpose that are *seen* as legitimate across a given society. > The US is by and large seen to be acting legitimately in a way that > the EU, even with its Parliament, is not.) > > > F'rinstance, the EU has a greater population than the US, and, IIRC, a > > similar-sized economy. > > Well, the EU has about 75 million greater population, but has an > economy about $1.5 trillion smaller: US's $9.963 trillion to the EU's > $8.478 trillion.
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