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Future Spanish

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Monday, August 16, 1999, 23:31
Seeing so much of Brithenig these days made me want to
recatch on an old ambition of mine: developing a language
from Spanish. I'm still sketching things, but the first
stage of phonetical change is quite settled by now. My
problem is orthography.

I have some IPA questions:

What symbol do you use for a velar approximant?
How would you render it in ASCII, and how would you *if*
you had to use only one symbol?

What can I do with a labialized alveolar flap /r_w/?
Does that even exist or am I making it up? I intend it
to derive from [Br].

What do you call a fricative version of palatalized /d/?
I mean, Spanish has /d/, which becomes [D] in most places;
Future Spanish would have a palatalized allophone, [d_j];
what would that become? (It'd probably be alveolar, not
dental anymore...)

And now a technical question:

Spanish has _vos am=E1s_ /boh a'mah/ 'you love'.
FS will have (so far) _bo am=E1s_ /bo ha'mah/.

Is that really a change? The pronoun is *not* clitic. I think
_bo tem=E9s_ will be /bo te'meh/. Is that initial /h/ in /ha'mah/
a mutation, liaison, or what? (I think it'll also appear after
the word for _nosotros_.)

Please help me!

--Pablo Flores