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Lablang -- the dawn of a new word

From:Walter Tsuyoshi Sano <parsec@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 14, 2002, 0:18
1) Should there be a poll (as already suggested),
   I'd vote for 'lablang'.

2) I'm a little bit lost. How did it all begin? I recall
   the name Gnoli, a triangle, the need for a new '???lang' word...
   WAIT!! Found something:

     "We need a word for languages like Vorlin, Dublex and BrSc."

   So, what exactly will the new word stand for? BTW, are 'conlang',
   'artlang' and the like 'words' or is there a more precise word
   (sorry, couldn't avoid this :)?

3) Feels like we are witnesses to the dawn of a new word
   ('bloom' or 'blossom' would also fit, I guess, but I
    prefer 'dawn').
   This is History, isn't it? Some years from now, people
   will look back in time and say: "That's where it all
   began" (Hmm... Starship Troopers? ;)
   IMHO, we should put up a page on things like these.
   "Memories"? "Memoirs"? No? Oh, well...


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