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Re: Discovery!

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Saturday, September 23, 2000, 8:55
I've decided to keep the [sj]-type forms.  Thus, creating an undeniable
phonemic split between the [sj] and [S] series.  Thus, the phonemic
inventory is now:
p      t      k
b      d      g
m      n
 f     s S C
 v     z Z
w        j

Syllable-structure: (C)(w,y,l)V(f,s,v,z,C,n,l,*)
Where * indicates geminate.
The following restrictions apply:
W and Y must be followed by a vowel
Labials cannot be followed by w
Dental stops and nasals cannot be followed by w
Geminates must be intervocalic
S, Z, tS, dZ cannot be followed by consonants
C cannot be followed by a voiced consonant
S, Z, tS, C, dZ cannot be followed by y
C cannot be geminate except before /i/

The last four restrictions are due to the origin of those consonants.

In addition, there are some complex morphophonemic alternations,
especially in the verbs, for example:
Stem-final -ái + -u becomes -ái (that is, the <u> is lost), thus,
lifáiki = lifái-u-ki
Stem-final -ai + -u becomes -yu, thus, kútyuki = kútai-u-ki
   This is also what happens with -i + -u, e.g., vúzlyuki = vúzli-u-ki
So, the citation form has changed.  Before it was 1st person singular,
non-punctual present.  Now, it's that, but also 2nd person singular,
non-punctual present, when there is ambiguity in what the stem is.

Now, I really should've been in bed several hours ago, so more
morphophonemic alternations will have to wait until tomorrow.

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