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From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Saturday, September 23, 2000, 3:08
> >> How *do* various languages present sex? > >Sex is not an out-of-the-ordinary topic of conversation. You would > >probably be thought tedious if you talked about it a lot (much like > >someone who goes on about their job or their car in our world.)
On the Island, sex works a little differently, due to the fact that fate seals couples together as companions, and that children of the Dhabra, the Earthenfolk, are washed out from the sides of river bank or exhumed from the ground and then adopted by the couple fated to adopt them. Acceptable sex partners, however, are agnatic first cousins of the opposite gender and the one whom one is fated to marry (if s/he is not in the first category).
>The verb "taris" means to have sex with.
The word in Early Lahabic is gyeno'd- (mate). It is intransitive: Gyeno'deimondla Ro'trama'ro'tra'khe ned Mu'su'detyeiendro'ndrakhe. Ro'trama'ro'tra'khe and Mu'su'detyeiendro'ndrakhe had sex. <snip>
>Or it can be transitive, carrying with it a connotation of the >ergative >being the top and the absolutive being the bottom:
In Lahabic, transitive use of gyeno'd- indicates that subject of the sentence mated two other animate beings. Gyeno'deimon Ro'trama'ro'tra'khe waru'ragen. Ro'trama'ro'tra'khe bred the horses (note the use of the dual ending -gen). Reflexive use means 'to mastubate'. <snip>
>There are also a few more specific verbs, such as: > >úiar (penetrate with a penis; literally, probe or sound) >dor (penetrate with a finger; literally, prod) >tespa (penetrate with an object; literally, exercise a skilled trade) >elyú (penetrate with a tongue, or lick) >zego (be penetrated by; literally, surround)
Lahabic hu'liyik- (enter) woiideqgyeno'd- (if intransitive, have violent, passionate sex - think Klingon sex here - lit., mate by means of force; if intransitive, make someone else have violent, passionate sex) woiidenu'liyik- (rape, lit. enter by force; also use in non-sexual contexts) khoenu'liyik- (use something as a dildo, lit. enter by an inanimate thing) kheenu'liyik- (69, lit. enter by two (ways)) kokwu'eqgyeno'd- (engage in sadomasochism, lit. join by torture) kyelu'liyippha'lkhe (virgin) ghwimaurinu'liyippha'lkhe (sexually experienced Dhabra) tyaru'rakhe (wife/male ego's female first cousin/fated companion) medetrakhe (husband/female ego's male first cousin/fated companion) <snip>
>As they say in Shrislyaria: >T'taris suiand ñasui, ju t'taris kotauard is'modat sui. >"Good sex is really good, and bad sex is still pretty good."
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