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Tsolyani (Was Re: bac . . . some info)

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Thursday, July 18, 2002, 23:25
Roger Mills writes:
 > H.S.Teoh wrote: (replying to Matthew {bnathyuw) Butt)
 > >Lovely. The layout of the site is a bit odd, but I'm not one to care about
 > >layout (unless it's obnoxiously unreadable). I think it's actually a good
 > >idea to tease the reader with that beautiful conscript on the right on
 > >every page :-P
 > Yes, the script is VERY nice.
 > >I think I really should start thinking about the Ebisedian native script
 > >again. (snip interesting explanation/excuses, excuses)---
 > Speaking of beautiful scripts, someone on Langmaker the other day mentioned
 > -- a conworld with languages, one of which is
 > Tsolyani, which rings a bell...... Lots of interesting graphics, and the
 > script (only seen in some examples, not explained AFAICT) is very nice.
 > Reminded me a bit of Padraic Brown's Talarian Marriage Certificate (?)
 > posted last year sometime........

You can find out a certain amount more about Tsolyani, and get a font,

The webpage is a rather unfortunate shade of pink, though.