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Re: Introduction to Naromi (grammar and script)

From:vaksje <vaksje@...>
Date:Sunday, January 26, 2003, 18:50
At 06:00 PM 1/26/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> --- vaksje skrzypszy: > > > Link: > > (Now let's just hope the server stays online for now. ;)) > >It seems that it doesn't. At least, I get a "De pagina kan niet worden >weergegeven" sort of text.
The server owner tried to update something, failed and went to sleep right after that. I'm afraid with my FreeBSD-inexperience, I'd only break more if I try to fix it. ;) Link(2):
> > (1) Thida duatudi dithanmu fama simarasu. > > (2) Nuato domasu naromimua unata damano sanon. > > (3) Nimar duato dasandaru uditadidiu nathinku dandaru noa nua. > >I like the loo of this.
Ah, that means it's not total rubbish? :)) In that case, I might work on a stable grammar document. Also, I somewhat finished the syllable script, so I might scan some more sentences.
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