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CHAT: Summary for the FAQ [was: RE: CHAT: Art appreciation and conlang appreciation]

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 1999, 1:16
Boudewijn Rempt <bsarempt@...> wrote:
> > I second that - since the Faq-o-matic appears to be up, > could you write the summary? Then we can enter it immediately.
Me and my big mouth! Alright, I'll summarize the posts, trying to keep them in order, and snipping unnecesary parts and such. Then we'll see. You can write something too if you want, B.! ;) PS I've written a first draft, in HTML form. It needs an index and links, but it's just a test. I seem to have lost some of the original posts, too, and I think the first part (speaking of Jan Steen and Dutch artists) should be trimmed a bit. David, I have no access to the FAQ-o-Matic. You tell me which layout you prefer. A big file with sections and lots of internal links seems better to me, but it's your choice (or the program's?) If I'm free to format it, please let me know. I'm sending you a copy privately. For the rest of y'all, it's a page divided into two columns (30% and 70%); on the right there are the posts (trimmed and formatted a bit) and on the left, where it was important, I've inserted some comments (especially rhetorical questions that are answered on the right). The main sections of posts are also shown with a light blue background; the comments are on a yellow-brownish background. This of course needs a proper browser -- I don't like using BGCOLOR in table cells, but on the worst case you won't miss much. Important words and concepts are in boldface. I'd like to invite anyone who wants to do so to take a look at the text and add a preface and/or a conclusion, since I'm uninspired and I lack the mastery of English necessary for a scholarly essay style. --Pablo Flores