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OT! Re: IPizzA question

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, January 30, 2003, 15:40
Tristan wrote:

John Cowan wrote:

> >Fish and > >chips is also available in various restaurants at more upscale prices. > > > Find and chips at upscale prices at a restaurant? They aren't really > fish and chips!
A reasonable facsimile. They even use one of the cheapest fish available, Alaskan pollock; cruet of vinegar on the side, but on a plate or basket (that's the upscale part along with the price), not in newspaper......
>(And > you don't have fish-and-chips stop chains, either.)
True but only because IIRC Arthur Treacher's went out of business. F&C just weren't that popular.
> > >>Rumor also has it that we have > >>different ideas on what a pizza is, but I've never been able to confirm > >>that. Describe a vegetarian pizza from the base up.
> >(I suppose you mean "without meat" rather than strictly vegetarian.) > >Crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese. It should rightly be cooked in a > >coal-fired brick oven, but permits to burn coal are not easily obtained > >these days, and most pizzerias are using gas-fired ovens now. > > > For the record, you're wrong by my definition, implying there is some > sort of difference.
Now you're changing your order (and Vinnie, our cook, gets mad when people who do that....). You asked for a veg. pizza, you got one. No meat. (Unless the vegan in question eschews dairy products, in which case maybe he/she should opt for Chinese.) AFAIK Papa John has described the original basic, echt-Neapolitan-via-NYC, pizza. All else is frippery.
>with capsicum, tomato, > mushroom, olives and onion on top, and probably some more chees on top > as well.
All those extra toppings will cost you...... Sincerely, Rosa Manicotti, owner, Vinnie's Pizzeria


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