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Patenoster in Henaudute (erat: Re: Pater Noster in Latuko)

From:Muke Tever <mktvr@...>
Date:Thursday, September 5, 2002, 14:13
From: "Robert B Wilson" <han_solo55@...>
> Here's the Pater Noster in Latuko: > > Bantottre, kitt inkele > tanktibiketur nobnettu > atbene reknottu > ba boluntattu, tiko inkelo, a intera > Tanobe adi bane nottro kotideno > a tibnitenobe tebita nottra, tiko a tibnitibno na tebitoribo nottre > a ne intuka intenbtatene na > tet libera na a malo.
The sound of this "Latuko" (lactuca?) reminds me very much of my Henaudute for some reason. (It took a bit to see the Latinacy of your text!) Déthne kheisu, ha télle thainana, rhinthé taire aitté Leu. Rhaurar Leu pirsire, dékelkhu Leu taire kímitha Rhadana hale thainana. Pherithe allablardas bunan phullablardé. Péórothe pékhlé kheisu, hale péóroke pékhléssen. Hun kethathe na allerremi, arun pékethathe kheisu hi an haiós. 'th', etc., are aspirated stops, not fricatives. Accents mark long vowels. I am not too sure about the last word "hai" but it is too late (i.e., my bedtime) for me to work it out properly. For the most part stress goes on the initial syllables. I though I should apply something like Exon's law and reduce the bulky words "allablardas" and "phullablardas" to "allardas" and "phullardas"... but looking now I see the stress in _that_ word is on the disappearing syllable, so that's no good (until later, when the stress change happens ;). Interlinearish: De:thn-e kheisu, ha te:-lle thain -ana, Father.NOM 1P-INC-OBL REL be .REL-2s heaven.INESS rhin -the: tai -re aitte: le-u hallow.PRT be-OPT.3S name 3S-OBL rhaurar leu pir -si -re kingdom come.OPT.3s de:kelkhu leu taire ki:mi-tha will/plan do -PRT rhadana hale thainana earth.INESS how pheri-the allablardas bun -an phullablarde: give .IMP today bread.ACC tomorrow.GEN pe:o:ro-the pe:khle: kheisu forgive-IMP debts-ACC hale pe:o:ro-ke pe:khle:-ssen forgive.1PL indebted.PRT-PL-ACC hun ketha-the na allerre-mi NEG lead -IMP into test -ILL-PL arun pe:ketha-the kheisu hi an hai -ós. but deliver -IMP us from the evil.ABL *Muke! --