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OT: [relay] OT: Rhodrese

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 24, 2007, 8:25
Jo hay screut:

>> Chritxá de Val hat screut:
>>>> - ue: /2/ (/ø/). >>> So |lengue| is pronounced /'lENg2/? Surprising... >> No the _guV_ rule applies here: >> >> - gu: /gw/ before a vowel. >> >> Maybe the spelling should be _lenguhe_, but since >> the plural is _ling_ anyway, perhaps the singular should >> be _lenghe_ by analogy. >> >> /Bendetx > > I daresay unstressed final /2/ hardly exists, BTW.
The spelling lenguhe would be /leN'gu@/, so which of _lénguhe_ and _lengüe_ would be best? The _ü_ would be a new grapheme, but there would be some other cases where it comes in useful, like AQUA > _agüe/águhe_. I find the _-guhe_ spellings ugly, though. Since the wholly regular reflex of LINGUAE would be _lingo_, perhaps the singular should be spelled _lingoe_, although that would have been ambiguous in Old Rhodrese where oe was a spelling for /2/ as i-affection of /o/ -- this Old Rhodrese /2/ later unrounded to /e/, whereafter Old Rhodrese /H2/ _ue_ monophthongized to a new /2/, the one preserved in modern Rhodrese. So perhaps analogical sg. _lenghe_ and pl. _ling_ or even sg. _lengüe_ and pl. _lingo_? I hereby declare a referendum! :-) /Bendetx


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