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Signed Conlangs

From:Daniel Lawrence <daniel@...>
Date:Monday, January 22, 2007, 5:33
Hello fellow conlangers,

I'm wondering if anyone on here has developed a signed conlang. The idea
occurred to me as I was watching one of the Dune mini-series the SciFi
channel put out, I think it was Children of Dune, and there is a scene
where Bene Gesserit high priestess and Irulan are talking in a room that
had been bugged and they were using a secret sign language to
communicate. I think it would be an interesting project, but as far as
workshop-ing it as one might a written/spoken conlang seems a bit more
difficult - I can sit in the doctor's office making notes in IPA or
whatever in my notebook, but I can't exactly make a video of me signing,
well I guess I could with a laptop, etc, etc but not without being a
little disconcerting. Any ideas?

~ Daniel


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