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Tatari Faran webpage up!

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, November 15, 2004, 2:14
san huna!

After lots of work over the weekend, I've finally got the Tatari Faran
webpage ready for public consumption. There's some brief info on the
con-world, and an updated phonology, grammar, and lexicon. It is all

Most of my time over the weekend was spent programming the lexicon
search engine, which is capable of full regular expression searches on
Tatari Faran orthography and definition bodies, can filter results by
entry category and word type. I hope y'all will enjoy it. :-)

Also, a note about the phonology: after Yet Another IPA Vowel Crisis,
I think I've finally learned the proper IPA symbol for the /e/ phoneme
in both Ebisédian and Tatari Faran, which I had been transcribing as
[&]. After careful research online, I've concluded that the proper
transcription is [E], not [&].

PS. The reason I've stuck with [&] before is a long dreary story
which, in brief, was mainly caused by certain IPA vowel recordings
which pronounced [&] close to how Daniel Jones(*) pronounced [E], and
[E] more like [e]. These conflicting pronunciations have caused me
much grief as some of y'all may recall, but I believe I've finally put
an end to the matter. The sound I want is the cardinal vowel [E], not


PSS. However, I still don't know what [&] is "supposed" to sound like.
Some people pronounce it close to [E] and others close to [a], but
neither are something I clearly hear as "in between". I hope this will
not come back to haunt me, although I've this creeping suspicion it
will. <insert IPA vowel rant here.>


English is useful because it is a mess. Since English is a mess, it maps well
onto the problem space, which is also a mess, which we call reality.
Similarly, Perl was designed to be a mess, though in the nicests of all
possible ways. -- Larry Wall


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