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Re: Multiple forms possible in morphology

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Saturday, February 10, 2007, 20:56
Quoting Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>:

> In a recent comment on a LiveJournal entry of mine, Paul Bennett mused > about what a cognate of Latin "bonus" would look like in German and > came up with " *das Zwenn (-es, -e) ". > > One of my reactions was that I'd probably say "des Zwenns" rather than > "des Zwennes" -- but that I wouldn't consider the latter wrong: it'd > merely sound formal or maybe stilted or archaic. >
> That made me think about conlangs, though. > > Do any of you have words which have more than one permissible form? > Differing, perhaps, in formality or style, with one being a bit more > stilted, or seeming a bit archaic? > > I'm mostly looking for endings where one was simplified from the > other, rather than deliberate distinctions such as Japanese or Korean > honorific forms, or T/V distinctions, or the like.
Meghean has something of the sort with certain optional contractions. Eg. the preposition _ne_ "by" + the pronominal ending _-es_ "me" can give either _nehes_ ['] or _nes_ [nes] "by me". The longer form is more formal. In that case both forms are considered acceptable. In the similar case _torohes_ "around me" only the pronunciation ['] is considered proper, but in colloquial speech one not uncommonly hears ['to.rojs]. Better don't spell it as _torois_, though, if you care for your social standing as a literate! Andreas