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Nur-ellen in the world of Brithenig

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg.rhiemeier@...>
Date:Thursday, August 31, 2000, 3:38
Me govanen!

Padraic Brown tetent:
> > Yscreus ill Orgh Rhimeir: > > >andrew tetent: > >> > >> Am 08/30 02:11 J?rg Rhiemeier yscrifef: > >> > >> They wouldn't like anyone whose claim precedes > >> their own. > > > >Certainly! Whenever such people know that there is actually someone > >around in a position to lay a claim which is backed up by an older > >right, they tend to resent the fact and turn it down. The fact that the > >Elves are the heirs of a civilization that was much more enlightened > >than the Celts and Romans have ever been in their best days and that was > >destroyed by the latter two peoples, bugs them. > > Only don't say these things too loudly in a pub. There are plenty > of places where "political opposition" is dealt with by means of > a stout stick and a length of sturdy rope. People moving agricultural > implements rhythmically up and down and chanting crude slogans are > optional extras.
Well, they don't say that the *modern* Celtic and Romance people were barbarians. While there is of course some sentiment among the Elves of the glorious old days when they were the masters of the island, it does not have any kind of significance towards everyday life after so many generations. (Don't forget that these Elves are *not* immortal, they don't have longer lifespans than other people.)
> > [holy sites avoiding being built over with churches] > > Must be. We've got Stonehenge and Avebury; the White Horse and the > Giant, at least, them being pretty famous. There are other sites.
Some were built over, but many survived. Same *here* and *there*.
> >It is hardly surprising that in the second half of the 20th century, > >many young people disaffected by the bourgeois society and industrial > >capitalism with its grave environmental and social side-effects, looked > >upon the Elves and their traditions as an example to follow. On the > >other hand, there are countless bad words about the Elves circulating > >among those right-leaning, SUV-driving, body-building masculist would-be > >heroes who no doubt exist *there* as well as *here*. > > I don't think we have suvs *there*. Cars, certainly and trucks.
I have tacitly based by musings about Ill Bethisad on the assumption that it is about on the same level of cultural and technological development as our world. Is it, or is it not?
> >As we are in the swing of discussing locations of cities, I have a > >question. > >Your pages mention a Kemrese city of Aberddui on "the northern River > >Dui". > >The names perfectly match Aberdeen, but does Kemr extend so far north??? > > It's Deva, right up in the corner between Wales and Cumbria *here*. > Kemr only goes up to the Ribble. I have got to find that map!
Yes, I have read this on Andrew's page and hence I wondered. It is a strange coincidence that there is a city *there* on a river which have almost the same names as a city and a river *here*, but in a very different part of Britain ;-)
> >To return to the languages: what other minority languages are there in > >Kemr? > > Irish Gaelic, Bloody Saxon, Kerno, Hindi, Spanish, French, Romany, > at least. As far as I know, Wessic is only spoken on Isle of Wight.
Does the Isle of Wight belong to Kemr or England?
> > [suggestions of other languages spoken in Kemr] > > There is a P-Celtic tongue in the islands of the British Sea. I can > never remember the name, but it is a lovely sounding language.
You mean the Channel Islands? The language is named Arvorec. What is their political status, anyway?
> >So add a P-Celtic minority, and be it a sort of Judaeo-Celtic (there are > >certainly Jews in Kemr; what is their traditional language besides the > >Hebrew they use for religious purposes?). > > Probably something similar to Judaeo-Spanish.
Yes. Many of the Jews living in Kemr will be refugees from Spain after the Reconquista. But also having an indigenous Jewish language (either a Judaeo-Celtic or a Judaeo-Brithenig) would be fine. There should already have been Jews in Kemr even before the Reconquista of Spain.
> >P.P.S. Is the Sessiwn Kemres mailing list still alive? > > No. We decided to settle in the Celticonlang mailing list > at
It's a pity that egroups uses a brain-dead bulk mail format which my ISP mistakes for SPAM and bounces it. So I have to make do with reading it from the archive. Syld, Joerg.