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CHAT: R: CHAT: Re: Nur-ellen universes (was Re: Barukh "Susa'i" ben-Yohhanan?)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 30, 2000, 19:36

> Luca: > > > Daniel wrote: > > > Hehe. So how would you explain that Quenya is based so much > > > on Finnish? I think quite a few Eldar would be very upset > > > by your claim. ;) > > > Well, this were my impressions... not that you have to take them
> > it's only a way I made up myself to interpreter Tolkien's mythology when
> > didn't know what Quenya and Sindarin sounded like. Indeed some asects
> > too childish now that I know quite a good part of the background. > > Sorry. I was only kidding. Hence the ";)". I didn't mean to offend > you. I'm very sorry if I did. >
Surely you did *not*! I said myself my theory seems childish and that I developped it when I did not know very much. Well, I'd retain some traits - I like the idea of placing the Middle Earth in Scandinavia! - but not the whole picture I made up! Feel free to comment as you want. Well, as for me I thought I had offended the Finnish members of the list so... here are my excuses : ) Luca