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Re: Hi! Introduction and OSV

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Monday, January 10, 2005, 6:56
Croeso, Sharon!

On Sunday, January 9, 2005, at 11:40 , Carsten Becker wrote:

> Manáyang eváris, Sharon! > > On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 00:40:06 -0800, Sharon <nutbuddy@...> wrote: > >> Hi everyone! I've been a lurker of this mailing list on and off for >> the past two years or so, and I guess I've found a reason now to >> delurk (although there might not be a very noticeable difference; I'm >> usually several days behind posts and you all usually say everything >> worth saying anyway ;). > > Heh. Welcome nevertheless!
Yep - and welcome from me also. [snip]
>> In any case, my name's Sharon Chu, and I'm a 16 year-old living in >> Southern California. > > Ray, conlangers are not a dying out species!
Never thought they were - just get crowded out by OT threads occasionally ;) [snip]
>> Later on, while re-reading my copy of the Silmarillion, I developed a >> sudden interest in Sindarin--not Quenya, which, to tell the truth, I >> have never been that interested in--and began feverishly taking notes >> from the Ardalambion.
Aw - I much prefer Quenya ;)
>> Sooner or later my interest in Sindarin >> dwindled, and I tried to construct my own conlang--which is now >> discarded, since it resembled a Spanish relex too much at first and >> later on because I kept changing the verb conjugations to the point >> where I got extremely confused and abandoned it out of frustration.
Hey, don't be frustrated. It is all good experience. Most of us, I guess, have tried ideas that don't work out in the end. But it is all experience. And gosh, at 16 you have, I hope, decades of conlanging ahead - now is the time to experimented and try out ideas - some will work & some won't. [snip]
>> I'm really, really excited about this yet unnamed language,
I know about unnamed languages - I had one that spent the last 50 years unnamed - it just got named at the beginning of this year :)
>> for it's >> getting more and more complex as I sit through more Chemistry classes >> and so far it's *not a relex*!! (--although it's one of my greatest >> fears that it might eventually degenerate to that).
Don't fear. If it is getting more and more complex I don't think it will suddenly metamorphose into a relex. IME relexes are usually apparent early on.
> Heh, Chemistry courses, I hate them.
Yes, when I was taught Chemistry in the 1950s it did not seem to differ significantly from alchemy! There was no explanation for the wretched reactions - they were just magic. I hated it because nothing was logical - unlike physics where everything made sense :) I gather chemistry is taught rather differently now. Well, Sharon, welcome from this old-timer! Ray =============================================== =============================================== Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight, which is not so much a twilight of the gods as of the reason." [JRRT, "English and Welsh" ]